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House of the fire-eyed hermit

House of the fire-eyed hermit Deep in the guts of a Bangkok suburb hiding behind a Buddhist temple is the lair of Ajarn Thoy. He is amodern day shaman practising clairvoyance, exorcisms and most importantly the ancient tradition of sakyant, magic tattooing. These ritualistic images and lettering are hacked into the skin with a sharp …

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Mae Sot Dumpsite

Mae Sot Dumpsite The small town of Mae Sot lies up in the mountains of north western Thailand, right by the Burmese border. Refugees from Burma and Bangladesh escape the atrocities and conflicts over the border to seek better life in Thailand. This isn’t an easy task due to the country’s harsh immigration laws. Some …

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Georgian feminism

Georgian feminism The former Soviet country has entered a new era. The new generations of millennials and Gen Zs have notight connection to Soviet times as the generations before them. The younger people and the people whoshare their values are longing for freedom and changes in the dusty and sometimes archaic traditions andattitudes of the …

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Dewa Georgetown Dewa wakes up every day before sunrise to open his tiny Hindu shrine in Georgetown, Malaysia. After giving morning blessings to believers this late converted hindu hurries to his job as vegetable delivery driver. The volunteer priest returns back at the shrine in the late hours of the afternoon to bless devotees and …

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